Z-RAK Products


The Z-RAK in the standard position easily carries items over the cab. The Z-RAK transforms to the low position securing items behind the cab. Then transform the Z-RAK into beautiful hand rails, 5th wheel tail gate or a cab guard. When your not using this amazing rack break it down and store it in its own compact bag.

Z-RAK Z-2 Model
Full featured Z-RAK 2 Minute Transformer Truck Rack:
Fits all needs and applications by: Being a full truck rack, transforming into many positions to fit any need, transforming into hand rails, transforming into 5th wheel tail gate, transforming into cab guard and many more functions.

Z2-PRO Z-RAK Pro Series Accessory Kit
This accessory kit completes your Z-RAK. Giving you side front to back stabalizer bars, increasing load capacity and capabilities.
                                                                              (SOLD AS Z-RAK PRO OR SOLD SEPARATELY)

Z2-BUMP Z-Bumpers
Ships with Z-RAK to soften the load on the Z-RAK.

Z2-BIK Z-Bike & Canoe/Kayak Adapter
Add this great accessory allowing you to secure your bicycles in one position and change to secure your canoe or kayak.

Z2-VAN Z-Van Adapter
With this accessory fit onto any Van or SUV with a gutter system.

Z2-CAN Z-Canopy Adapter
Fits under Canopy extending Z-RAK Easy on clamp, allowing Z-RAK to go up over standard sized Canopy cover, or Camper shell on bed of truck.