About Z-RAK

History of the Z-RAK:

Zee (ZELJKO SABO) patented the Z-RAK in 2004. With limited marketing, he handcrafted each rack in his spare time. He worked and sold them over the next 3-4 years until he was injured in 2009

Zee hoped that in time, the Z-RAK would become something more and he slowly made and sold over 200 units from 2006 - 2009. Due to his injury, the product was "shelved" and remained that way until Stan Winters Owner of Wintech, Inc., met Zee and they began to grow the idea. The fact that it was made of 100% stainless steel, the Z-RAK immediately drew captured Stan's attention. For the past 38 years, Stan has owned and operated factories in China and Taiwan that dealt exclusively in Stainless Steel. After they began to discuss the product, Stan became very excited and Zee's excitement was reinvigorated.

Zee originally created the Z-RAK for those who did not want to have a utility rack mounted on their truck all the time. The Z-RAK can easily be removed and reinstalled in a matter of minutes. It breaks down into a small and compact package. Nevertheless, since it is made of heavy duty, electro-polished stainless steel, it is still aesthetically appealing while mounted on the truck. Making any truck versatile enough to get the toughest job done!

The Z-RAK 2 was introduced at the SEMA Show Las Vegas 2012 with great success. Everyone loved the new features and functionality of this great truck rack. Sales and distribution are currently being set up.