Z-RAK Truck Rack


            The only truck rack you will ever need. This truck rack does it all, it can fit any sport rack need, accomplish any utility rack function, carry any load you can put on it! Have a weekender rack that goes on in minutes, and when you don't need it take it off.

       Attention Retailers: Finally a store can put a truck rack on the shelf and a customer can buy it, take it out in the parking lot and install it on their truck, in minutes, and no matter the make or model of their pick up truck!

           We call it a transformer truck rack because it can do many things:
  • Standard Sport Z-Rack 
  • Professional Z-RAK              
  • Cab Guard                    
  • Beautiful Hand rails
  • 5th wheel tail gate
  • And MORE!


Patented Z-RAK & multiple patents pending

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