100% Stainless Steel Truck Rack

Z-Rak - World's First One-Size-Fits-All  -  100% Stainless Steel Transformer Truck Rack - Its Not Just A Truck Rack!  Put It On Or Take It Off In Under 2 Minutes. No Tools Required. Self Contained - No Loose Parts.  Fully Adjustable - Up/Down, Side To Side, Front To Back.  Breaks Down And Stores In Minutes Into Its Own Compact Bag (Included).

       The Z-RAK in the standard position easily carries items over the cab. The Z-RAK transforms to the low position securing items behind the cab. Then transform the Z-RAK into beautiful hand rails, 5th wheel tail gate or a cab guard. When your not using this amazing rack break it down and store it in its own compact bag.

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 Patented Z-RAK  with multiple patents pending