Z-RAK 2 Minute Transformer Truck Rack

Z-Rak - World's First One-Size-Fits-All  -  100% Stainless Steel Transformer Truck Rack - Its Not Just A Truck Rack!  Put It On Or Take It Off In Under 2 Minutes. No Tools Required. Self Contained - No Loose Parts.  Fully Adjustable - Up/Down, Side To Side, Front To Back.  Breaks Down And Stores In Seconds Into Its Own Compact Bag (Included).

Whether you need to transport a ladder, carry your kayak, or load a whole unit of lumber, the Z-RAK Truck Rack is for you. The one of a kind 2 minuteTransformer Truck Rack is the only one like it on the market!


         Sleek Modern Styling!

Patented Z-Lock Makes the Transformer Truck Rack Work! It also gives us the ability to claim no loose parts!

  • One size fits all pickup trucks; Pick up the Z-RAK today and install it on your truck! No special ordering required. No wait time. Buy it and take it home. It will fit your truck!
  • Extremely easy and simple mount and dismount: Put it up, take it down in under 2 minutes.
  • Patented hinge providing a quick disconnect.  Collapsible – fold and put the Z-RAK away for easy storage.
  • No tools required when mounting and dismounting the Z-RAK. The Patented Z-locks which allow the rack to be assembled, disassembled and adjusted using only your hands - no tools!
  • Adjustable Side to Side, Up and Down (items can be carried above the cab or lower behind the cab - requires a quick and simple adjustment- No Tools Required. 
  • No loose parts:...All attachments and fasteners stay on the Z-RAK and do not ever need to be removed. All fasteners ( the patent pending Z-Bolt)  are a consistent same size thumb bolt (The Z-Bolt).
  • When taken off the truck it breaks down into a small compact package. (nylon bag included)
  • It can be installed on trucks with truck bed liner and tonneau covers
  • It can be installed on trucks with complete full body bed-liners.
  • Electro-polished 304 stainless steel construction – never rusts/ anti corrosion (heavy duty 12 gage 304 stainless tubing)
  • Redundant safety features - (safety is our most important demand). 
  • Initial installation and set-up is quick and simple.

Patented Z-RAK  with multiple patents pending